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The Los Banos Rotary Club

Los Banos Rotary ClubThank you for taking an interest in the Los Banos Rotary Club. We have built this site to serve both our members as well as to introduce ourselves and disseminate information to the general public about our dynamic service-oriented organization.

On this page you will notice buttons both at the top of the page and along the left hand side that correspond to different areas of our website where you can find out more about our Rotary in general, our club in particular, upcoming functions, as well as activities that we participate in both locally and internationally.

Here are a few highlights of what you can find on this site:

Joining Rotary
Rotarians that have moved to Los Banos are always welcome to apply for a transfer of their membership to our club. If you are a current Rotarian or if you are interested in possibly becoming a new member of our club click on the Joining Rotary button for more information.

The local Los Banos Rotary Club is involved in a large number of projects, events, and activities throughout the year. Here is a general sampling of some of the events and ativities that our local club participates in.

dynamic speakersThe Los Banos Rotary Club meets at noon each Tuesday at Espana's Southwest Bar and Grill, 1460 East Pacheco Blvd. here in Los Banos, California. At almost all of those meetings we are honored to be joined by a wide range of colorful and interesting people that speak to our group about local issues from arts, to business, to politics, and more. Click on the Speakers Button above to learn more.

Even if you are not interested in Rotary you may find that our History Section is well worth perusing. The Los Banos Rotary Club has a rich history which has been chronicled over the years in the local newspaper. Many articles in this section come directly from the paper and they also offer insight into the rich cultural history of Los Banos in General as well as our club in particular.

Photo Galleryphoto gallery of Rotary activities and more
With two professional photojournalists as members of the Rotary Club, we are beginning to build a gallery of photos of the things that the Los Banos Rotary does around town and at our functions and meetings. Take a few moments to look through these and enjoy!

Los Banos Rotary Members Section
The big blue button at the base of the left columns will take you to our members area. There, current members of our club will find resources that have been spoken about during meetings as well as other useful items and links. At a future date we may put information about current members of the club, links to their personal or business websites and more in this area.

Enjoy The Site!

There is a LOT more to this site and a lot more to see besides what we have highlighted above. Take a few minutes to click each of the buttons and enjoy your stay. If you have any questions about the Los Banos Rotary Club please feel free to contact us!

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